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Stem Cell 100+

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Stem Cell 100+

Stem Cell 100 promotes healthy longevity by acting on 7 different mechanisms of aging including support for stem cells and telomeres. It was developed to rejuvenate and slow down the aging process to help people feel and function more like a young person. This helps you look younger and improve your health. Your body loses function as you get older. Each of us has adult stem cells that repair damaged and old tissues. The problem is that our adult stem cells are also aging. Until now there was not much you could do about it. Stem Cell 100 helps improve adult stem cells and their micro-environments. Developed by experts in the anti-aging field Stem Cell 100 doubled maximum lifespan in an animal study. No other family of products or therapies including caloric restriction has achieved that.

❤️ Giúp có thêm năng lượng (energy)

❤️ Giúp giảm stress.

❤️ Giúp tóc bớt bạc.

❤️ Giúp mọc tóc.

❤️ Giúp bớt tiểu đêm.

❤️ Giúp ngủ ngon.

❤️ Giúp tăng cường sinh lý cho phụ nữ cả đàn ông.

❤️ Giúp phụ nữ trong thời kỳ tiền mãn kinh có lại chất nhờn.

❤️ Giúp da đẹp hơn.

❤️ Giúp mắt khoẻ lại khi bị mờ vì lão hoá.

❤️Giúp lượng đường và lượng mỡ trong máu ở mức tốt hơn.

1 bottle 60 viên.  Uống mỗi ngày 2 viên