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Stem Cell 100+ - Buy 2 saves $10

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Stem Cell 100+ -  Buy 2 saves $10

Stem Cell 100+® is a multi-pathway stem cell activator that acts on many critical mechanisms of anti-aging and regeneration. More powerful and faster acting than the original Stem Cell 100® it promotes:

(1) Stem Cell Support. Adult stem cell function declines with age. Rejuvenating your stem cells is the key to cell renewal, support for recovery from disease or injury, and longevity.

Stem Cell 100+® is an innovative first-in-its-class stem cell activator. It was designed as a synergistic herbal supplement for stimulating your stem cells at the molecular level. Stem Cell 100+® has special nutraceutical grade components and is backed by multiple genetic studies on both animals and human stem cells.

(2) Telomere support. Research indicates that the ends of chromosomes (i.e. telomeres) play a vital role in aging. Stem Cell 100+ helps support longer telomeres.

(3) Chronic Stress is strongly correlated with aging and disease. In the modern world and our overly active lives, it is hard to avoid repeated stressful situations. Stem Cell 100+®has a major component that stimulates the anti-stress parasympathetic nervous system to reduce the harmful effects of excessive stress.

(4) Stem Cell 100+® has components to help maintain healthy inflammation levels.

(5) Modulating insulin-like growth factor and energy metabolism. Research shows that high levels of insulin-like growth factor and energy metabolism promote rapid aging. Stem Cell 100+® has several substances that strongly stimulate the genes AMPK, SERT1 and FOXO, which reduce insulin-like growth factor and modulate energy metabolism so as to slow cellular damage and aging.

(6) Inhibiting the mTOR gene. As one ages, your cells lose much of their ability to get rid of damaged proteins and fats. In mouse experiments involving inhibition of the mTOR gene, lifespan increased some 28%. Stem Cell 100+® has a potent inhibitor of the mTOR gene, which enhances lifespan.

(7) Helps maintain youthful vascular circulation by promoting genes like endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS) that protect the arteries, capillaries, and veins of the cardiovascular system.

(8) Activation of AMPK. Stem Cell 100+ has several herbal components that activate AMPK, which is an enzyme that plays a key role in energy metabolism and has been shown to greatly extend lifespan in mice when activated.

(9) Activation of SIRT1. SIRT1 is a sirtuin factor that acts epigenetically on genes and genetic repair. Stem Cell 100+ promotes SIRT1 function, which is associated with life extension in various animal models of aging.

(10) Protection of neural function and neural connections, which tend to decline with age

(11) Lowers oxidative stress by modulating Nrf2 and NFkB, which are the master genes regulating the levels of oxidative stress and cell survival.